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Chandler, AZ 85224

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CEREC® Same Day Crowns
Chandler, AZ

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The CEREC® Difference
An exciting technological innovation has been the production of same-day use dental crowns. At Posh Dental, we have been able to remove the middleman; we no longer need to rely on a dental lab to fabricate your dental crown, it can be milled right here in our office. Dr. Gabriel and the rest of our team at Posh Dental pride ourselves on putting our patients first, and by cutting their time in the dental chair in half, we have done just that.

CEREC uses 3D images to design dental prosthetics. We will take the necessary images using specialized software which will then display a detailed plan of a customized dental crown for you. Once Dr. Gabriel has viewed and approved the design, the machine will then mill it right there in our office. The entire process is done on location; it is not sent to a lab. Starting with a block of acrylic, the machine will carve your customized dental appliance, which may be a crown, a bridge, an inlay or an onlay. Once complete, the device is sealed and fired, making it a strong, durable dental appliance.

Why do I need a dental crown?

A dental crown is needed to support a natural tooth after it has been weakened or damaged. Our first goal for any of your teeth is to save the natural structure. In many situations, if we do not cover the natural tooth with a dental crown, it would then require extraction. Some of the most common reasons for a dental crown include:
•  The natural tooth has suffered from a large cavity or large amount of decay.
•  The natural tooth has broken or fractured.
•  The tooth has had a root canal therapy procedure.
•  The tooth has a broken cusp.
•  The tooth is flattened due to bruxism.
•  The tooth is discolored or irregular.
•  The patient has had a dental implant placed, and a crown is placed over the implant.

Is a CEREC® crown less expensive?

So, many of our patients question if a dental crown created in our office means that it will be cheaper than one created in a dental lab. Unfortunately, the cost ends up being fairly comparable, though the patient gets the advantage of considerably less time in the dental chair and the benefit of being done in one appointment versus two appointments. The cost is comparable due to the cost of the machinery versus the limited amount of crowns made. Dental labs create many more crowns because it is their singular business. We find that the benefit of having the work done in one day to be hugely beneficial to our patients.

How Dental Crowns Are Placed

After we have determined that a dental crown is necessary, and you have agreed, we begin by preparing your natural tooth structure. We will remove and decay that is present and cleanse the area of bacteria. The natural tooth is then reduced in size to accept the crown, etched to increase the surface area and then shaped as needed. Once the crown is ready, we apply the appropriate adhesive and place the crown. The area is again cleansed, and ultraviolet light is applied to dry and secure the bond. Your dental crown is strong and should withstand normal chewing pressure for many years. We will check the status of your crown at future dental examinations.
290 S Alma School Rd #9
Chandler, AZ 85224

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Call Us: (602) 562-9565
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CEREC Same Day Crowns | Posh Dental - Dentist Chandler, AZ
With CEREC Same Day Crowns we're able to cut our patient dental chair time in half by providing customized dental crowns right here in our office. Click the link to learn more and find out why Posh Dental is Chandler's favorite dentist.
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