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Bite Guards
Chandler, AZ

Chandler, AZ dentist holding a bite guard.Bite guards are a useful dental appliance for both children and adults. At Posh Dental, we offer professional grade bite guards to prevent structural damage during sporting activities and nocturnal teeth grinding.

Types of Guards

Bite guards are used to cover your upper teeth. For certain patients, like those with braces or restorations, a bite guard may be used for your lower teeth as well. There are three types of bite guards.
•  Stock bite guards. This type of bite guard can be bought at department and sporting goods stores. They come preformed and ready to wear. Unfortunately, stock guards provide little or no protection. There is little that can be done to adjust their fit, which makes them bulky and uncomfortable. They may also make it more difficult to breathe and talk. Generally speaking, we do not recommend stock guards for regular use.
•  Boil and Bite Guards. This type of guard is also store-bought. They are made from thermoplastic material, which allows you to adjust their fit. The guard is placed in hot water to soften and immediately fixed in the mouth to form around the shape of your teeth. You must follow the specific instructions, or you may end up with an ill-fitting appliance. Boil and bite guards may be a better alternative to stock products; however, many patients find they lack the protection and fit of a professionally-made bite guard.
•  Professionally-made bite guards. Bite guards made by Posh Dental are custom fit to meet your individual needs.

Dr. Gabriel will make an impression of your teeth to construct a model. The mouth guard is then molded over the model using a specialized material. Professionally-made bite guards will provide superior comfort, protection, and longevity.

Sports Guards

Sports guards are an important part of any contact sport. Patients who participate in football, basketball, baseball, soccer, and hockey should strongly consider using a sports guard. Other activities like mountain biking and skateboarding can also put patients at risk for oral trauma. Oral trauma can result in cracked, broken, or knocked out teeth. This may constitute a dental emergency, and lead to future complications that cost thousands of dollars. Posh Dental can protect you or your child from injuries to the mouth with our professionally-made sports guards.

Night Guards

Night guards are used to protect your teeth from bruxism. Bruxism or teeth grinding is an involuntary habit that can have severe consequences for your teeth. Many patients who suffer from bruxism may not even know it. Often, a patient discovers they have bruxism when a partner or spouse is disturbed by grinding noise during sleep. Dr. Gabriel may also notice the negative effects of bruxism during an oral examination. If bruxism is left untreated, your teeth may be worn down, and severe structural damage may occur. Bruxism is also common with young children. Most children will outgrow the habit, but those who don’t could seriously jeopardize the future of their permanent teeth. A professionally-made night guard will cushion the teeth from the force of teeth grinding. Patients dealing with bruxism can improve their lives and their sleep with the use of a night guard.

Get Your Bite Guard Today

If you are interested in receiving a professionally-made bite guard, call (602) 562-9565, and schedule an appointment today!
290 S Alma School Rd #9
Chandler, AZ 85224

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